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Text Size

The best way to adjust the text size is to use the inbuilt capability of your browser. Here’s how the main ones work:

  • Mozilla Firefox: CTRL (Control key) and + (plus sign) to enlarge, CTRL and – (minus sign) to reduce, and CTRL and 0 (zero) to reset to normal
  • Safari: As for Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera: On the task bar – Select Tools > Preferences; On the Web Pages tab, select the font and size you want. Press OK or the Enter key.
  • Chrome: On the menu bar: Select Page > Select Text Zoom > Choose Larger, Smaller, or Normal as necessary.
  • Internet Explorer 7/8: Select View > Text Size and choose from Largest to Smallest


With a menu to the right-hand side, you will find that tabbing using the keyboard is relatively straightforward.

The logo area is always a link to the Home page, and includes an invisible tab link to Skip the main Navigation Bar to the content on any page


Mindful that many users will have set their browsers and operating systems for your own colour and contrast preferences, we have not provided alternative colour styles at this time. Please do contact us if you have any difficulty at all in accessing information on this site.

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