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What people say about Rexash’ services

Simon is friendly, helpful and immediately puts you at ease. His help and advice on completing the PIP paperwork was invaluable and my application was successful. It really was worth getting Simon’s help – I would definitely recommend his services. GR, Kent

Simon was the utmost professional throughout my latest process with DWP, his thorough knowledge and calm manner was most reassuring. He was also very prompt with responses which I really appreciated. I would certainly recommend Rexash to anyone that needs assistance. Thank you! HA, London

I am so glad that I almost turned to see Simon of Rexash Consultancy in one day for advice on my PIP application form. Simon advised and explained to me so clearly of what he said by his order! whilst I was writing down on my draft PIP form as I am profoundly deaf and BSL user. A month later, I received a letter from DWP that I awarded of PIP of my results without face to face assessment! so big thank you to Simon and high recommended for him so contact Simon if you need your advice about your new PIP. DC, Surrey

Simon, Thank you for your help with my PIP application and I am pleased to say that I was successful with it. I appreciate this a lot. SM, Kent

I have had a lot of hassles getting DLA in the past which I eventually got after going to tribunal. I did not have Simon helping me then. This time when I had to apply for PIP…I went to Simon. He was excellent and certainly knew what to put down on my form with very clear instructions which I needed to obtain along with my forms. I would advise anybody who is applying for PIP to get in touch with Simon and follow his excellent advice. Many heartfelt thanks in making it easy for me to obtain PIP. LK, Kent

I would like to say a big thank you for your help and advice with my recent PIP application. I am pleased to let you know that I have today received a PIP award of 10 points (8 for communication and 2 for reading).
Without your help, I would be lost! You are a brilliant communicator – you always make sure that your clients understands every aspect of the application form. You took your time to explain in BSL what information DWP need for the PIP application. Your patience was greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your excellent service and for making the application process as stress- free as possible. TO, Surrey

I would recommend you to use Simon’s service should you need support with PIP forms as it helps to understand its process through BSL. Simon’s tips and advice have been very helpful and to the point. I am pleased to say that my application for PIP had been successful thanks to Simon NC, Wiltshire

I am writing to thank you for your help with my PIP claim and would like to emphasis the following points:-

  • You gave a friendly advice
  • My claim was correctly based on my personal circumstances so your questions were very professional and thorough
  • You gave me clear instructions on obtaining correct evidence of my deafness prior to completion of PIP claim
  • Your follow up after the submission of claim was very professional

I do not have any hesitation to recommend your services to fellow deaf people.

SE, Sussex

I have known Simon for over 20 years; I have had the pleasure of working with him at Brent Deaf People’s Group. So when I applied for Attendance Allowance (AA) for an Elderly Deaf client who suffers from early onset Dementia. I was really disappointed when her application was turned down but I wasn’t prepared to give up without a fight, the whole process of an appeal seemed so stressful. I knew there was only one person who could help me to appeal against the decision and that was Simon Hesselberg.

Simon with his wealth of knowledge in regards to Disability Rights, various Welfare Benefits, e.g. DLA, PIP, AA, Interpreting, Advocacy, Housing Issues went through the Attendance Allowance form again but this time explaining my client’s circumstances more clearly and in-depth., Simon made sure my client understood everything that was being asked by translating the information in the easiest way that she could understand. Once the form was sent off 2-3 weeks later we received a letter confirming my client had successfully got her AA allowance, she was over the moon and couldn’t thank Simon enough!

This is just one example of professional service you would expect from Simon his support, advice, positive attitude, pro-active, patience, honesty and a natural ability to put clients at ease, makes Rexash Consultancy a valuable service that truly benefits the Deaf Community.

I highly recommend Simon Hesselberg to anyone in the Deaf Community in need of support with these issues.

Samantha Peynado, London

Would like to say thank you so much for your help with me in getting a great results for my PIP application as I was very successful! I also really appreciate for your help and the points I got was more than I expected. I would have this if we did not meet you. It was lovely to meet you and would recommend your excellent services to others . KS, Herts

I very much your useful and attention to my matter regarding PIP ( former DLA) and your very helpful suggestions and advice how to fill in the form, you explained clearly and the pace was right in BSL . I was able to pass the assessment however they have cut it down. I recommend you all to contact Simon for advice.

LG, London

Thanks for your support as you did help me to sort out the appointments and letters about my various conditions for the PIP application form, I will recommend your services to others who may want your help.

LH, Sussex

I am glad that I turned to Simon of Rexash Consultancy for advice on PIP application. Simon took his time to explain clearly what needed to be done and advised what I should put down on the PIP form, keeping it simple to clearly represent myself as a profoundly Deaf person and BSL user. My application for PIP was successful first time. Thank you Simon.

JM, West Midlands

Simon is very professional, through the work on PIP issues and easy to communicate with.

PK, Surrey

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction to get information required.
I have been working as a sign language interpreter for many years and am often asked for advice which of course I am unable to give. However by giving everyone concerned your site address, I am confident that they will get professional information to enable them to make informed decisions. Thank you again.

S.L. Registered Sign Language Interpreter, Sussex

I am very happy with your service and found it very helpful. I was amazed that it took 4 weeks from the filling of my application form to being awarded my PIP benefit, that was so quick and I would recommend his services to those who need his help.

DA, Hants

Simon Hesselberg, as a visiting lecturer to the University of Brighton, has delivered interprofessional teaching sessions on the topic of ‘Deaf awareness and mental health’ for medical, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social work students. These sessions have received extremely good evaluations from our students. As well as increasing their levels of Deaf awareness, which we hope will help them in their future careers, we also consider that the sessions have helped the students appreciate and understand broader issues related to non-discriminatory practice and working with diversity. I certainly would recommend his services to any organisation seeking similar goals.

Josh Cameron, Senior Lecturer, School of Health Professions, University of Brighton

I am an advocate for Deaf people, but am new to the area of Tribunals. I asked for Rexash’s advice. From all the tips and advice Simon gave me, I have won all 4 Tribunals to date – getting a higher DLA rate than I even expected in one of them! I have 100% success rate so far, and I put a lot of this down to Simon’s knowledge, experience, advice and support he gave me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone!

Olive Lycett - DeafPLUS

I have worked with Simon for many years and found him to always be friendly and approachable. He has skilfully guided and encouraged me through my studies, to successfully become a qualified BSL/English Interpreter. His feedback is constructive and honest, but always delivered in a professional manner.

Simon also has a vast amount of knowledge about the Deaf community both past and present. He is always willing to offer advice and share his expertise. I have learnt an enormous amount of information about Deaf history and culture from Simon. He is always the first person I contact when I have a Deaf related query.

Tina Douglas RSLI, British Sign Language/English Interpreter, Essex

Your service is very professional, good timekeeping and straightforward. My claim is succeed, thank you for your great service.

Tuija Hallikainen, Eastbourne

Simon came to our Aylesbury Deaf Coffee Morning Club to give a talk about DLA/PIP, approx. 50 Deaf people attended and I have never seen them so quiet (!) watching Simon give his talk even though it was for over an hour. Simon has the knack to keep his audience mesmerised and we all learnt so much more from Simon about what would happen with our DLA and when we receive our PIP papers and what we will all need to do. After his talk, many of the members approached me to say how much they enjoyed his session. Simon is well informed and very professional in his approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon for the services he provides.

Pam Wrighton, Care Worker (Deaf Adults)

Sensory Services, Adult Social Care Occupational Therapy North, Adults and Family Wellbeing, Buckinghamshire County Council

I have known Simon Hesselberg since I came to London as a Chaplain among Deaf people in 2005. I had gained my BSL Level 3 and remember meeting Simon with some nervousness, as he had an important role within RAD. I hoped my skills would be sufficient. Simon soon put me at my ease and always communicated clearly, signing to my level and making sure I understood.

As I progressed in learning BSL, Simon has consistently encouraged me to keep going and always been quick to praise. I remember when I was just beginning to learn to interpret and Simon asked me to make a telephone call for him. Afterwards, Simon gave me great feedback, mentioning specific things I had done well. His ability to target a student’s strengths and build up their confidence is a rare gift. His humour, enthusiasm for the language, and his desire that students will learn makes him a valued tutor.

I was able to see him give a talk at one of the Deaf clubs and I learnt so much about how to give a good presentation to Deaf people – his style and pace meant that the audience were the most attentive I had seen!

Recently I have been collecting evidence for the NVQ level 6 in Interpreting. As I work full-time for the Church, I don’t have many natural opportunities for interpreting in different domains. I asked Simon for help and he immediately offered an interpreting assignment which I could film for evidence. On the day, he was kind and thoughtful, ensuring the camera captured my work so that it would be an acceptable clip. Gathering evidence can be difficult and stressful, but working with Simon is wonderful because he understands the levels, and what needs to be achieved, and works with you to ensure that you capture just the evidence that you need. I would never hesitate to recommend Simon as a mentor or tutor.

Revd. Anne Richardson, London

I would like to say thanks Simon for helping me with PIP. and I got successful. He is so professional and gave me good advice. I would recommend him and anyone need help…
Many thanks again. WV, Kent

I approached Simon because I hear a good review from word of mouth and they are not wrong! He made sure that I have all the important documents before meeting him. He made it so smooth and easy. I filled in the form with no stress at all. I’m pleased to say I got pip. So yes I would recommend you to use his service with confidence

GF London

I am very impressed with his service, very helpful and clearly knowing what it needs to do. Especially to be able to communicate in BSL, ease the stress for me personally.

I am glad that I was told to recommend him. Got the PIP and it was successful.

Thank you

CL Sussex

I have always said Simon Hesselberg is good, professional, confidential, very respectful gentleman, great character plus if anyone need services and I strongly recommend for them to use his services.

HR London

Filling the PIP form was a taunting task for me. I was not sure where to begin or what answers to give to were sufficient enough. Simon was very reassuring with a list of to do with almost no time or effort for me. The best part was that I could completely trust him.

LO Essex

I would like to say thank u Simon Hesselberg for his excellent consultant with my pip.  I’m pleased that I achieved the points of high grade.

HS Surrey

I was recommended to see Simon on my PIP application and I was very glad I did!  First, he put me at ease at a nice coffee shop, and guided me through the questions, very clearly.  The result was that I was awarded the PIP that I applied for.

RS Surrey

Your services are excellent and great helpful because you are great skill support worker and very handy because you are Deaf as well. I would be lost if it was not for you. I am very grateful that I have been awarded PIP and thanks to my friend who told me about you. You make me proud of you and weight off my shoulders.


HS London

Your service has been excellent from the start to end. For me without your support, making a new claim for PIP would have been very stressful. The consultation with you was very informative – I left much happier and more confident about my PIP claim. Thanks to you, I was successfully awarded with a standard rate PIP for three years. HL Kent

I would like to say you’re amazing brilliant a good worker for all the help me out and I would like to say big massive thank you and you’re the best job you ever done. 

DL Hants

Many thanks for your service which I found it very helpful.  Also you explained the questions for me to understand the meaning.  Once again thank you for time with me. I am pleased to say that I was successful with my application for PIP.

CF Kent

I was so worried about my pip application as there were some negatives on Facebook about reapplying. I asked some friends, everyone got different way of doing it. So I decided to ask Simon to advise and help me. He gave me some instructions then we met up. Very calm and smooth.  Gulp. Sent off.. Got IT without  an assessment. So a big thanks to Simon.

R.A London

Simon was recommended to me by a friend, he was very easy to contact and is always on top of things and very quick to follow things up.  On our first meeting, he was very easy to understand via BSL and he gave me lots of tips and ideas on how to fill the PIP form and what supporting letters that I needed to go with my claim.  He is always on board to follow things up which he did in my case to ATOS and we were able to come out with a good outcome after a few weeks of waiting.  It was good to have Simon for support and took the pressure off to have someone that can guide you in a professional manner.  I wouldn’t have got through it without the help and support that I got from Simon.

HJ Kent

I would like to say thank you Simon Hesselberg for his professionalism, dedication and empathy that he showed in helping me with PIP application. I do not have a clue with questions . I like his expression of saying to pull my teeth out to answer the questions, however, it worked Thanks once again Simon or Mr know all. Zorro, Hants

Simon was helpful with my PIP application and gave me some useful advices. He went through the form and discussed each question with me. He filled in the photocopied form; I then copied to the original form. His consultation saved my time; his hourly charge is very reasonable. If it was not for him, it would have taken me hours to think what to state in the form. In the end my application was successful. I would recommend Simon to anyone who needs help with PIP form. GC, surrey

Simon helped me with the PIP process and the assessment- his advice enabled me to get PIP successfully, no appeal needed. A stressful experience made easier! Thank you! BR, Kent

I would like to say many thanks for your professional and straightforward support which helped me to achieve PIP without any problem. I found your service was friendly and comfortable with communication. And helped me to fill the form without any hesitation. I was impressed he was so quick to answer my questions by text. Many thanks. JD, Surrey

Simon is an exceptionally knowledgeable person with a long track record of successes. He comes with boundless energy and passion to deliver great results. He demonstrates great professionalism and integrity and built a very wide and diverse network to ensure he has all the right information about DWP and PIP to share with the Deaf community.

His passion and energy can be of great use when things need shaking up and a step-change in results is required. Simon uses his personal skills to ensure he provides the advice at the highest standards and is not hesitant to be direct when necessary to ensure the right outcome is achieved.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone requiring some expertise advice on completing PIP applications.

BT, Surrey

I am writing to thank you for your help with my PIP claim highlighting on the following points:-

  • That you gave good advice
  • Your questions were professional and thorough based on my present circumstances
  • Made a list as a reminder to cover all I needed to do when completing the forms

I would not hesitate in recommending your services to other deaf people. Thank you again Simon for your help & which is much appreciated.

KJ, Surrey

I am very satisfied with the service I received from Simon. Before the meeting, I was very unclear on what PIP was and how the application process would go. But Simon translated it all for me into BSL which meant that I fully understood every step and was confident that I understood what PIP was. He had good communication with me – he responded to all my messages very quickly which meant that the whole process went smoothly. Simon’s services provided me with full access to the information that I needed, something which I had not been given at other agencies. I am happy to recommend Simon and his support to anybody going through the PIP process. I am happy to report that I have gained the PIP award too. UF, Sussex

The advice and assistance that Simon provided for my PIP application was second to none. After all the years of DLA forms, it was a daunting challenge having to “unlearn” what worked and what didn’t for DLA applications and take an different approach for the PIP forms, however Simon made this seem easy and effortless. Even though I had to go for an assessment despite the fact I supplied the required evidence, I was able to go with the confidence that as long I was myself, I would get the right decision (which I did a few weeks later). Simon is an absolute professional, and I highly recommend him to all, especially these who are applying for PIP for the first time and need someone to reassure and advise them. WM, Hants

I am so happy that I got the PIP after seeing you and you helped me to fill the form and it was very easy to communicate with you in BSL ! Thank you once again for your great help. HS, Kent

I am pleased and satisfied to choose you to support me with the PIP forms. With access to BSL your professionalism and your knowledge it just felt right and easy to go through the forms together. I am happy with the whole outcome.

CC, London

I would like to thank Simon for supporting me to achieve the PIP Award. The process was quite complicated and I would not have been successful if not for this support. I will recommend anyone in a similar position to use the support of Rexash Consultancy.

LS, London

With the PIP, my application form as rejected and Simon had supported me as I was worried. With his advice, it was helpful and my appeal was successful, I am relieved and would like to say thank you to him.

CC, London

I wish to thank Simon for his gentle and patient guidance with my PIP application. His detailed knowledge, experience and advice on disability benefits have ensured total success. Definitely highly recommended!

WJ, Kent

Simon has assisted me with DLA application forms three years ago. I got award successful. I also went to meet him at Shoreham by Sea for an hour with my draft PIP application form. He knows what to ask me questions and completed the PIP application form. I have waited for 2 months I got result with successful PIP application form. Simon is trustworthy and has earned professional respect from me. He is flexible, intelligent and he has a warm personality. I recommend you go to him with a draft PIP application form.

D, London

When I meet Simon in Brighton, I showed all the information from PIP, and then he looked all the details then he did explain and what to do. I am grateful for Simon for his support and advice when applying for PIP. If it was not for him, I might not get the PIP Award. That is helpful. Many thanks

JJ, Kent

I am in the process of completing my BSL NVQ Level 6. I had seen Simon at Worthing Darby and Jones club and recently I arranged with him to be in one of my film clips. He is a complete professional and such a lovely gentleman too! I thoroughly enjoyed filming with him and he made me feel at ease! My clip was accepted by my Tutor. Thank you Simon.

Sarah Collier, Sussex

I am writing to give my thanks for your excellent support in obtaining a new PIP allowance for myself which replaces my previous DLA payments. With your help, the process of applying for my PIP has been smooth, professional and the outcome has been what was desired.

JH, West Midlands

The Jewish Deaf Association members wanted to know about the new PIP as they were anxious that they might lose their existing DLAs. Simon came to give a PowerPoint presentation about the new benefits at the JDA.
With his vast knowledge on DLAs and the new PIPs, he gave very clear, explicit and comprehensive information on that topic. Many JDA members were able to understand what the changes would mean for them and what to expect when the new PIP comes into force next year. They felt that they are now better prepared with this new information, thanks to Simon.
Many members were so satisfied they were able to understand the information very clearly that they asked Simon to come back and give an update next year. Many thanks to Simon for the excellent presentation. We would not have asked for a better one!

Kay Kaufman, Jewish Deaf Association

Having my DLA application and appeal turned down and sent to tribunal – I was very nervous about how to proceed or what to do or expect. After some ‘googling’ I found Simon and contacted him – he gave brilliant advice on what to do and especially on what not to do! I succeed achieving the best outcome possible from the tribunal. Thank you Simon!!!!

Eva W, London

My daughter’s application for DLA was turned down and she had to appeal. It was daunting to think about going to a DLA tribunal. At this stage I turned to Simon for his advice. He advised me on what to do at the appeal and thanks to him that we acted on that and we achieved the best outcome. Simon has a detailed and comprehensive knowledge on the disability benefits. We are both grateful for his services and would happily recommend his services.


I was just about to attend a Tribunal Hearing about my DLA appeal; I was very nervous and unsure of how to respond appropriately. Simon was very helpful with giving me advice and what information I would expect to receive at the tribunal, and thanks to him I won the appeal. (He was not in the panel!!)

Pamela Morgan Bexhill on Sea

I would like to thank you very much for the help and support you have given me. The opportunities which are available for me in the future appeared so much clearer after talking with you, giving me options of Interpreter, Lip-Speaker or as a Support Worker. It was a pleasure meeting you again when we completed a video conversation between us for my BSL Level 3 course, which has been accepted by my assessor at the University. My time with you has been worth every penny! I wish you every success in the future of Rexash and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Melinda Wilson. Worthing

Simon is well informed and realistic in his approach. His personal knowledge of the Tribunal process put me at ease and gave me greater confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending his services.

Diane Mulligan and Nigel Kingston, Eastbourne.

I am currently studying for my BSL NVQ Level 3 at Brighton University. I booked Simon to do a film clip with me as part of the on-going assignments. He was great, he made me feel relaxed and made sure we got the right information in the clip and covered a good range of the criteria. Thank you Simon.

Emma Stockwell. Worthing

We needed information about BSL-related training opportunities in the London area for a Spanish sign language interpreter who is moving there. We consulted Rexash, who provided us with a comprehensive list of centres and contact information which we were able to pass on. It was extremely useful for us to be able to make use of his experience and expertise in this field.

Brendan Costello. International Area

FILSE (Spanish Federation of Sign Language Interpreters and Interpreter-Guides for the Deaf Blind)

I’m glad to have Simon’s excellent, professional and natural rapport services, re PIP forms. His BSL explanation are neat, fact and straightforward especially he took his pace time. He is an exclusive, much more than just ‘adviser’. I achieved PIP award without face to face assessment, if without his support I don’t think I would achieve it (!) I would like to book him again in the future. Highly recommendation.

LF, Sussex

I would not be able to do my PIP forms without the great help of Simon Hesselberg. The forms were complicated enough without me trying to show I do need help with my every day’s life. On my own I would have done a very long list of my needs but Simon helped me to keep it as brief as possible also to make it clear for both me and the accessor so he was working for both of us simplifying my answers. Now I have just been awarded the standard rate to match my needs with many thanks to Simon. NP Sussex

I was awarded 10 points and ongoing period. Thank you for assisting me by filling the questionnaire forms which was much appreciated. EG Sussex

Hi. We think you are very good supporter, clever and Deaf aware. U know more about PIP, like to ask for need medical letter, audiologist, etc.

Most deaf people know you and think you are very clever!

We give you point: 10/10 😁 Many thanks

DD Essex

Thank you for your email regarding my successful PIP. I was awarded 10 points and ongoing period.

Thank you for assisting me by filling the questionnaire forms which was much appreciated

EG Sussex

I wanted to say that I thought Simon was very helpful, made me feel relaxed about answering the questions and filling out the forms. I was granted PIP and I know I wouldn’t have got it without his support. Thank you again.

TJ Kent

Superb consultancy service from the first text message right through to a successfully completed claim form – I’m grateful for Simon’s knowledge and guidance. Well-explained, helpful and thorough, he gave me every confidence in understanding the decision-making system that it was well worth making the PIP application. Don’t despair, book Simon!

BS London

I would like to thank Simon for his help with the PIP application form. His wealth of knowledge and experience has helped me with the application. He was very through throughout the process.  I am pleased to say that I have been awarded PIP.

MR London

For our interview I found your service excellent and valuable as it was easiest to communicate between us as you have a greater understanding what is like to be deaf.  I have would have advise anyone to see you.

Thanks again.

CK Kent

I have known Simon for over 30 years as my good friend. I have asked him as a professional help with filling my PIP. He gave me good advice and clear instruction with the procession. Without help from him I would get lost, stuck, unclear and confused with the answered questions. Simon had written in simple straightforward answers after we discussed the questions from the paper.

Now I am pleased to say that my awarded PIP has been successful in a good quick procession.  I would be recommending contacting Rexash Consultancy Service for their professional expert advice Service.

Thank you, Simon, and I owe you one!

WS, Worcestershire

An enormous thank you, to Simon. He clearly explained everything to me in helping me to fill the PIP form. This made me feel very relaxed. I am really glad I went him as he is a wonderful consultant and very friendly. I got the award after I failed the first time without Simon’s help. I would highly recommend him to others who want to get PIP.

GB London

Once again thank you Simon for making me get a successful claim.  I will certainly be recommending Simon to other friends who are in the process of making a PIP claim.

WJ Kent

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